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Aug 14 / Nizam Sayeed

Windows 7, 64-bit Python and easy_install

I recently downloaded and installed Windows 7 RTM on my laptop. I upgraded from 32-bit XP to a 64-bit flavor of Windows 7. I decided to install a 64-bit version of Python to take advantage of the 6GB of memory installed on my laptop. All well and good.

I proceeded to grab and set up easy_install which installed without any issues. Things started to go awry when I tried to actually install a package using easy_install. I started getting the following error:

Cannot find Python executable C:\Python25\python.exe

It turns out that this has been an issue with setuptools and 64-bit Python for a while:

There is an active ticket for setuptools as well (with the last update dated August 11, 2009 at the time of writing):

Hopefully, it will be resolved soon. My solution was to fall back to 32-bit Python in the interim.